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Goodies, yes. Goody, no.

Shameless Indulgence

Free Museum Day!
Hey, if you live in the United States, the upcoming Saturday is Free Museum Day! That link takes you to get tickets and to find a museum near where you live that's doing this.

Now I just wish I wasn't starting my new job that day or I'd go.

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ACA Affordable ACA Care ACA Act ACA


The Supreme Court of the United States just ruled that when I turn 27, I won't have to go broke in a state risk pool for pre-existing conditions or go without health insurance altogether. :D Because insurance companies can't deeeny me or limit me or put an insane price tag on insuring me.

Here's CNN's article on What the ACA means for you and a list of smaller, other things it does.

It's not all 100% good (Flex Spending Accounts, for example, now have a cap of $2,500) and it's not the dream (One payer spending over individual mandate to buy private health insurance) and there is, of course, outrage.

But guys.

I'm not staring down financial OR medical ruin in six years.

Sick people can get treatment at a decent price.

This is huge.

Whatever your politics, whatever you disagree with in the policy, you can't deny: this fixed something that was broken.

ETA: If any of you have heard that the ACA will raise cost care for women compared to men, actually, that's current policy. The ACA expressly forbids gender rating. So, uh. No.

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Yuletide: Wow, oh wow!
Guys, I got some pretty shnazy gifts for yuletide! 3 of them! I'm following [personal profile] rosabelle's lead and tapping the share button on AO3.

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Cool Free Thing!
So I see all my new friends from the friending meme doing an intro post, but I've rather exhausted my ability to talk about myself.



Jordan Castillo Price is one of my favorite GLBTQIA authors and her psycop series is a paranormal erotic romance that I adore. And until New Years, she has the first book Among the Living free with the coupon listed right underneath it.

I do recommend reading Inside Out (also free) first, both because it happens first and because you can relate to the love interest much better if you do.

Here is the Dear Author review that attracted me to the series in the first place.

I will go ahead and warn that I personally think the series has declined recently, but Among the Living stands alone perfectly fine and I believe a few subsequent ones do as well.

YAY, free ebook!

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The Way it's Always Been
Down in the Dumps Mike (Suits)
Title: The Way it's Always Been
Author: shameless2shoes
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal/Peter/Elizabeth if you've got those goggles. Otherwise Peter/Elizabeth, Neal strong friendship
Word count: 300
Summary: 4 years later, Neal comes back. But he can't stay.
Notes: For whitecollar100's prompt #10, home

Elizabeth laughs, bumps Peter's shoulder, says something to him that's half lost to the wind. A joke about her multitasking husband, trying to solve a case while walking the dog.

They're just the same. Neal's been gone a month now and they're the same as they were three weeks ago, four weeks ago. Four years ago. Neal steps out of his shadowy corner and watches them go. Not even Satchmo notices.

It's not a surprise. There's no one more constant than Peter, except maybe Elizabeth. But it's wrong. No one fits anywhere among the shoulder-to-shoulder couple and the dog dragging them along.

Neal takes off his hat and watches them. His smile is twisted in regret, frozen on his face as he realizes.

Neal stole a few of Elizabeth's words off the tip of her tongue and said them to Peter; he took a few of Peter's, dressed them up, turned around and presented those to her. But without an eager puppy nosing between them, barking its idiot head off, they say all those things in their own time. In their own language, with the meaning they intended.

He didn't change them. And they don't owe him anything. Not another look, not another word. Not another chance.

Neal replaces his hat, steps back, turns away. The only lie he'd ever manipulated Peter into believing was that he needed Neal.

Peter's not a guy many people can slip a lie past, Neal least of all. He is the kind of guy to take such genuine pity on someone that it feels like belonging.

But Neal can pretend to fit anywhere.

And the heartbreak is strongest here.

He replaces his hat and walks away.

He doesn't notice Satchmo's ears twitch or Elizabeth's "Was that...?"

Or Peter's "He'll come back when he's ready."

Dear Yuletider
Dear Yuletider,

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Thank you thank you thank you for making my yuletide fabulous. Hope you'll have yourself a fantastic holiday!


P.S. Oh, I don't know if this is allowed, but -- anonymous comments are enabled, so if you feel like you do need direction, I'm quite chatty.

P.P.S. Okay, apparently they weren't before and I was logging IP addresses. But now that's fixed. (It's not that my livejournal settings and I aren't friends, it's that we're the kind of friends that bond over playing nasty jokes on each other.)

Hey! That's mine! Don't shove it up his- too late.
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